Music to Our Ears

Music_to_Our_Ears_Front_CoverWhat is ‘Music to Our Ears’?

This report presents the compelling case for more music in Australian schools. It is based on evidence proving the benefits of music education, the context in Australia where most students do not have an adequate music education at school (many students have none at all), the need for action, and case studies of artists and schools that demonstrate the value of music education in schools.

‘Music to Our Ears’ is part of the Parental Engagement Project, an initiative of Shark Island, The Caledonia Foundation and the Music Council of Australia.

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This report is part of a new collaborative partnership between Shark Island, The Caledonia Foundation and the Music Council of Australia.

By launching 'Music to Our Ears', we hope to encourage Australian parents to be at the heart of the campaign for more music in Australian schools.

Despite the many government and academic reports and numerous initiatives of the Music Council of Australia and others, there are still too many Australian children missing out on music education and all the benefits associated with it. This needs to change.

Music can be a vital, indeed an essential, part of a modern school curriculum. Music education aids the development of crucial learning capabilities, has powerful and positive effects on student behaviour and school culture, contributes to the development of Australian culture, and prepares students for jobs in the creative industries.



‘Music to Our Ears’ was commissioned by The Caledonia Foundation and Shark Island Productions, prepared by Annie O’Rourke (89° Degrees East) and written by Dennis Glover and Fiona Hehir. Editing and additional content by Chris Bowen, Dr Richard Letts and Alex Masso (Music Council of Australia)


What is the Parental Engagement Project?

The campaign for more music in schools involves advocating to governments, school principals and education bureaucracies, raising public awareness of the need to support music education, finding solutions to improve access to music education for Australian students, and supporting educators.  We believe that parents play a key role in supporting and encouraging creativity throughout the school years, particularly through music.

This project is part of the ongoing campaign by the Music Council of Australia and other organisations to improve the provision of music in schools.  It aims to give parents the tools to advocate for more music in their school, and to provide resources, practical information and inspiration for parents wanting to support music in the school. Read more about the Parental Engagement Project.

The Parental Engagement Project is an initiative of the Music Council of Australia and the Caledonia Foundation.

Music AustraliaMusic Australia is the peak music organisation representing the Australian music community.

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Ian Potter FoundationThe More Music Toolkit was produced with the kind assistance of the Ian Potter Foundation.

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